Since 2001 AEROFORM Composites manufactures and markets hot means (process and repair equipment) for the Composites industry and more specifically for the Aerospace sector. The specialty of AEROFORM is the Autoclave (from 500mm to 4000mm in diameter) equipped with an advanced control system recognized by the Aerospace industry. Aeroform also offers a new range of standard Autoclaves called LAB for Small Parts Production, Pilot lines, Research Centers, Universities, Schools. Finally, for more than 10 years, Aeroform has been offering a complete range of equipment for the repair of composites (repair cases, Ecobonder, Hot Gun, Infrared Lamps, Heating Stretchable and Flexible Carpets). This equipment is used daily by airlines, aircraft manufacturers and maintenance companies, MRO.


Aéroprotec is a company specializing in the surface treatment and painting of metal parts and composite materials used in the aerospace industry, mainly for the purpose of protecting them against corrosion, according to the specifications of the principals, such as the AIRBUS groups. or SAFRAN.

Addev Materials

ADDEV Materials is an ETI specializing in the design, processing and distribution of high performance materials and tailor-made solutions for the industry, based on a wide range of technologies and four activities:

Adhesives & Tapes Specializing in the customization, tailor-made transformation and distribution of technical adhesives, glues, cut pieces, abrasives and insulation systems for the industry.

Insulation & Films Specialized in the design, transformation and custom-made cutting of all types of insulation (flexible and rigid) and technical films (treated, rolled, …) for the industry.

North America High performance material transformer offering a wide range of products: adhesives & glues and insulators & films.

Aerospace & Defense Dosage and custom packaging of chemicals (Glues, Oils, Paints, Greases …).Cutting and distribution of adhesives and technical films (Tedlar®, Kapton®, …).


BAYAB INDUSTRIES is aimed at any high technology mechanical industry, especially in the aeronautics and maintenance sector.BAYAB INDUSTRIES works especially on composite repair machiningsince 10 years with various laboratories, aircraft manufacturers, aeronautical manufacturers (OEM)and maintenance actors (MRO).In the continuity of this technical and industrial adventure, BAYAB INDUSTRIES presents Reply.5,the world’s first portable robot dedicated to repair machining of composite materials.


  Composite Textile Materials Innovation Owned by GSL Group, CTMI is a French private company founded in 1886. We have unique expertise in technical textiles. With a long history of exclusivity and confidentiality, we focus on the high-tech market, where the technical requirements meet the high expectations of customers. CTMI has always been driven by innovation and we are very proud of our good understanding of service, quality, punctuality and our commitment to meet the highest expectations of customers for the highest quality of the market.


Diatex SAS is a company specialized in the manufacture of technical fabrics, in full expansion and located in niches of markets in the sector of high technology. Founded in 1986 by Philippe GOUTHEZ, Diatex is based in Saint-Genis-Laval near Lyon in the heart of the chemistry and textile corridor (France). The activity began initially with the Agrotextile sector (technical textiles for agriculture and aquaculture) and the field of Aeronautic Light. The Technical Textiles Division (TUT) was created in 1990, followed by the Composite Division in 1991. The Aerospace Light division offers a wide range of products with structural fabrics, technical paints and light aviation equipment. In the Agrotextile division, Diatex technical textiles are mainly used in research and development. This division also offers a complete line of harvesting, shade, insect and windbreak nets. The Fabrics Division at Usages Techniques supplies fabrics for filtration, industry, personal protection and event planning. The Composite Division offers all vacuum devices and equipment for the manufacture of composite parts using vacuum molding, vacuum infusion and RTM. It is clear that the diversity of sectors of society, allows Diatex to adapt to multiple areas.   The synergy of these 4 divisions is an asset for creativity and innovation.


The Sofiplast Group declines its activities in three areas of expertise:
  • Functionalization of surfaces:    application of innovative eco-friendly surfaces or surface treatments
  • Study, design and on-site integration of specific processes based on ecological media (wheat or corn starch) in response to pickling / cleaning needs
  • On-site intervention: in a confined or open environment
Sappi – Special coatingSofiplast Group
  • Application of non-stick coatings, anti-corrosion, dry lubricants on small and large parts
  • Stripping, sanding, blasting (all media)
  •  Projection polyurethane abrasion-resistant coatings
  •  FEP-PFA Heat Shrink Tubing: Supply and Installation


Sunkiss Matherm Inventor of the thermoreactor®, Sunkiss Matherm is a recognized expert in the field of paint drying and polymerization. Used in many sectors of the industry, this process of infrared drying equips cooking ovens and paint booths. Its main advantages: dramatic time savings, energy savings and high quality in complete safety.